Brayden Irwin
Brayden Irwin Agent
Lome Irwin Estate Agents

“My philosophy is to tell people what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear so that they can make informed decisions based on fact, not opinion.”

A Toronto native and former Toronto Maple Leaf, Brayden has successfully channeled the dedication and discipline honed through years of professional athletics into a burgeoning real estate career. Brayden has injected his own energetic approach into a longstanding family business, keeping his competitors on their toes and ensuring that his clients are always one step ahead.

Himself an investor with an ever-expanding portfolio of properties – from pre-construction condominiums to semi-detached family homes, to multi-unit apartment buildings – Brayden is consistently determined to help his clients make smart financial decisions that will benefit themselves and their families for generations to come. In fact, Brayden’s specialty has proven to be turning first-time home buyers into savvy investors.

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