Make Your Roof Last: Top Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

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A new roof is an expensive investment. Depending on the quality of materials, the company you choose for installation, and the lifespan you expect from this endeavor, it makes perfect sense to look after them properly.

Like contractors who invest in roofers insurance, you also need to invest time and effort to ensure the health and longevity of your roof. Regardless of whether your roof is brand new or a few years old, below are some of the things you can do to ensure it stays in peak shape for the longest time possible:
Check the shingles each season

Each season can come with issues that are unique to the weather patterns during that time. For instance, hot and humid months can cause potential hurricanes and excessive sun damage. On the other hand, the cold winter months can also bring snowstorms and the potential for leaks brought about by snow and melting ice.

In line with this, you must conduct a thorough inspection of your shingles (alongside other roofing materials) each season. Inspect the shingles for signs of damage or excessive wear. Make sure you also take note of missing shingles so you can have them replaced right away.

While at it, also check the vent pipes and the integrity of the caulk around the flashing. Take note of areas that have lichen or moss as it can indicate potential decay beneath the shingles. As a general rule of thumb, address any problems you will find right away to ensure they won’t become a costly problem in the long run.
Maintain and clean the gutters

As long as you keep them in peak condition, your gutters can help preserve your roof by directing debris away from the roof and the foundations of your home. To ensure your gutters work accordingly, you need to make sure they are free from sticks, leaves, and other debris. Routine cleaning of your gutters can also help guarantee water can flow freely.
Remove leaves and other debris from your roof regularly

When you remove leaves and other debris from your roof, you will not only be able to prevent the growth of lichen, moss, and algae, you can also effectively protect your roof from damage. It is important to remember that your gutters will not be able to catch all the debris that will land on your roof, especially during heavy storms so removing them routinely can make a massive difference.
Trim tree branches that hang near your roofline

Trimming trees that hang over your roof can help ensure it stays protected from any likely damage caused by debris accumulation and impacts. Natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy storms might also cause tree limbs to fly freely and cause potential roof damage.

Ideally, it is recommended that you check the growth of tree branches near your roof so you can gauge when to trim them.
Replace caulks around flashings when needed

The flashing around your chimney and vent pipes can prevent water from leaking into your house. To ensure the flashing on your roof can protect against water leaks, you should inspect and replace the caulks annually. Also, check if the caulk is missing or starting to lift. Scrape away the old caulk and fill the gap by applying a new bead.

While you eventually would need to invest in a new roof in a few decades, taking care of your roof properly can help guarantee you won’t have to spend money on costly roof replacement prematurely.


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