2022 Design Trends

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Decorating can be overwhelming! Whether you’re designing a new space or redesigning an old one, it can be hard to know where to start. Lome Irwin to the rescue! We’ve curated some current interior design trends for you to try today. From switching up your throw pillows to buying a new sofa, this list is here to give you inspiration.

Shades of Brown – Deep and Comforting

There’s something truly comforting in surrounding yourself with earth tones.

“Right now, there’s a shift from cool greys and bright whites to warmer tones like brown, rust, and green,” Jenna Schumacher of Insert Design Studio notes. “Brown is an amazing and classic color, lending itself to nearly any palette.”

Whether it’s accessories, furniture or paint, this trend is simple to implement and can transform your space from cold to inviting.

That’s so 70’s– Retro Refurbishments

The 70’s are back!

“The design of the time was fun and sexy but still sophisticated—I think that heavily resonates with modern audiences,” says Giampiero Tagliaferri, principal of Studio Tagliaferri and former creative director of Oliver Peoples.

He agrees that it’s time to reembrace the bold colours, pops of patterns, and funky accent furniture of the 70’s that are rolling back into fashion. Want something more subtle? Try incorporating burnt orange into your colour scheme. See the photos below for some groovy inspiration.

Biophilia – Bring the Outside In

We all love a little nature! Biophilia emphasizes integrating organics into your design through live plants, and/or earth tones, natural colours, and art. Whether you pride yourself for having a green thumb or are afraid to walk too close to your neighbour’s garden, biophilia can be for you. Want to incorporate plants but need some help keeping them alive? Try Planta, an app to help you stay on track with watering and other tips.

Mindful Living – Sustainability and Zen Design

Incorporating green thinking and habits into our homes and aesthetics is more important than ever! This look and mindset focuses on the clean lines of minimalism and the airy comfort of Scandinavian design while thinking sustainably. This means natural fibers, finishes, and materials. Try adding in recycled, reclaimed and environmentally friendly goods and make Mother Earth and your house proud.

Rounded Edges – Cutting Corners

Rounded furniture, finishes, doorways and more, this sleek trend brings a feeling of elegance to your home.

“People want almost a sanctuary space where they can decompress or chill out, and that goes to more pieces that have more rounded edges,” says Lisa Puchalla of LilyMae Design in the District.

Want to incorporate this? Add in a few accessories: mirrors, art pieces, and light fixtures, and round-out the look with upgrading your armoires, headboards, built ins, countertops and more.


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